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Hereford Gift Card

What is the Hereford Gift Card?

The Hereford Gift Card programme is provided by Hereford BID.

The programme is designed to lock in additional money for participating businesses and encourage local spend.

The Hereford Gift Card can be accepted by independents and nationals alike as it’s a Mastercard based  programme. 

Registering is as easy as 1, 2, 3......

  • Process a Card Holder Not Present Transaction for £1.00 using the following details:

         Card Number:  5388 9500 0447 2012
         Expiry Date: 11/25
         Security Code: 382

Looking for more info?

Read the Gift Card Merchant Brief Document here: or watch this quick video to learn more:

See a full list of national brands who accept Town and City Gift Cards:

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